Friday, April 4, 2008

Here I Am

Wow. The last time I posted was in August about 8 months ago. So much has happened. I didn't buy that beautiful condo that I fell in love with, but I did mange to buy my first home. Yes! I'm a homeowner. I'm still not use to saying that. It makes me feel like an adult. I know, I know. I'm 28 going on 29 in May; I have been considered an adult for quite some time. Yet, there is just something about owning a home that really makes you feel grown-up. People respond to me differently now. I have conversations about gas bills and the rising cost of electricity. I am now part of the home owners club where venting about rising taxes and interest rates is the main objective.

Don't get me wrong. I love owning my own home. Mi casa is a great place. I have so much more space and ideas for decorating/designing. But my pockets say, "Mamacita hold up. You are still getting married and have that wonderful mortgage to pay." So for now, home renovations have come to a halt. We did manage to redo our living room and added our own personal touches throughout the house. So we are content. It took a lot of work and sacrifices (mainly sleep).

We truly feel blessed and know that all the work was well worth it. Oh yes, I forgot to tell you the best part. I live across the street from my parents. Some of you are shuttering in dismay. Hold on now. It has been going good thus far. My fiance would agree with that statement. I know some of you are thinking of the show Everybody Loves Raymond. It's not like that at all. I hardly see my parents. Mom works nights and dad is a busy man. He is a singer and performs a lot. But it is a comfort to know they are close by. =)

Well, I have to say it feels good blogging again. Life is great!!! I honestly couldn't ask for more. I now have a new zen place.

Home sweet home!!!

Well until next time, don't forget to take a zen moment and reflect.

Zen is not some kind of excitement, but merely concentration on our usual everyday routine.
Shunkyu Suzuki

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