Thursday, August 2, 2007

And Then We Woke Up

Hello all. It has been about two weeks since my last post. A lot has happened since then as you can imagine. I saw a loft with my fiance that we truly fell in love with. They are actually under construction until early next year, but we saw the show room of a sample apartment. The apartment was hooked up. We are talking granite counter tops, bamboo flooring, ceramic tiles and stainless steel appliances. As we walked through the showroom, we individualized ourselves sitting down watching TV or hanging out in the kitchen with family members.

After looking around, we began interrogating the sales women. She pointed us to the different blue prints neatly placed on a wall. We were immediately drawn to the 2 floor, 2 bedroom apartments. They layout was awesome. The bedrooms were spacious with walk in closets and it came with a personal sun porch. she then asked if we wanted to see the apartments under their constriction phase. We immediately said yes. She gave us hard hats that you usually see on construction workers and began our tour. My fiance, who is a certified carpenter and who works with contractors, was engaging himself on all of the details of the construction. He asked very specific questions regarding layout and design. I was just nodding in agreement with all that he said. When honestly, I had no clue of what he was talking about, but it was important enough to bring the chief engineer down to talk with us.

After our tour, we decided that we wanted to take a packet home on the application process. It wasn't till then that we actually got to see what the lofts were being sold for. After bringing our eyes back into our sockets and patting each other sympathetically, we addressed the sales women. She smiled at us and said, "Yes, they are pretty expensive. But the property is projected to increase on these lofts after 5 they are a good investment." We looked at each other and then smiled back at her and told her we would be in touch. It was like being in a perfect dream and then being rudely awaken by the slap of cold concrete. Sigh!!! Well we still have the packet and it sits comfortably on the coffee table waiting to be opened and examined.

We are planning a wedding at the moment and know that this is our first financial obligation, but it hasn't been tossed in the garbage so at least there is still hope. I just keep thinking about those floors. They're real bamboo you know. Well, until next time, take a Zen moment and reflect.

"Thinking is more interesting than knowing, but less interesting than looking."
- Goethe.

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Monica said...

Isn't it fun to look? Isn't it depressing to look? But it does sound spectacular. So you tell your wedding guests, "monetary gifts only please!" Well, you can't be that direct but if you don't register anywhere, they may just give you money instead so you can buy that home! Or maybe you can say, "Your very presence is a gift to us but if you really want to bless us, please contribute to our savings for a down payment on our first home!" Hmm. Maybe that will do the trick!